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For my first collection of ephemera I have assembled 150+ flyers from the mid-to-late punk rock era in Detroit starting around 1979 and ending sometime in the late 80’s when I moved to Chicago and stopped going to hardcore shows on a regular basis.

Most of these came from my personal collection as well as those of my late friend Jon “Huda” Salter – RIP, who went to most of these shows with me while I was in Detroit. Each has been scanned and given a quick cleanup and retouch where necessary.

I’m not sure if bands still create flyers like this for their show in the era of social media but these were snatched from clubs, record stores and the bulletin boards around Wayne State University and CCS (College for Creative Studies).

I’ve always loved the cut-and-paste DIY nature and crude design of these flyers for bands that most people have never even heard of. I can’t think of too many other items that I collect that reflect the nature of ephemera better than these.

Punk Rock Flyers – Detroit 1970’s-1980’s